How Kevin Durant could end up costing the Pacers $212 million

We all know by now that Kevin Durant could miss at least four weeks with a MCL sprain and bruise.

While this injury is a concern for the Warriors, it could impact the Indiana Pacers in an even bigger way, to the tune of $212 million.

How so, might you ask?

If Durant doesn’t play the rest of the season it could open up the door for Paul George to earn an All-NBA spot. By now you are probably asking yourself, “So what? I don’t see how this costs the Pacers $212 million.”

Obviously the summer of 2018 could be huge for the Indiana Pacers, and there is a risk of losing P.G. During this time the Pacers may be able to offer Paul George the “Designated Player Extension.” This is a new rule that allows teams to offer monster contract extensions that are worth 35% of the salary cap to star players in the first year of the deal. The extension for Paul George would be worth near $212 million over six years.

But, to earn the extension, Paul George would have to be named to an All-NBA team, MVP, or Defensive Player of the Year in the prior year. Currently, George may not be in the picture, but he may be able to take down players like Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler and others to potentially be voted to an All-NBA spot. This will ultimately come down to the All-NBA voters.

After all of the rumors of P.G. being “hell-bent” on joining the Lakers in 2018, this may allow the Pacers to be able to offer a monster deal to George, which will help entice him to stay in Indiana.