Pacers 2016-17 Schedule is Released ; 7 National Televised Games

Today we had a taste of what to expect in the new NBA season this fall.  The NBA released the schedule for the upcoming season.  There are alot of key dates this year with Wade vs Miami, Durant going back to OKC, rematch of the Finals between the Cavs and Warriors.

The Pacers will open the season October 27th at home against Dallas Mavericks.   The Lakers who normally come in March are coming early with November 1st this year.  The Friday after Thanksgiving tradition will continue with the Brooklyn Nets coming to town.  Lebron and the champion Cavs come to town November 16 and February 8th.  Golden State and new addition Kevin Durant come to Indy on November 21st.

The Pacers were snubbed a spot on the Christmas Day slate this year. I honestly thought they had a good chance at making the slate.  Unfortunately the terrible Lakers are still on the slate so everyone can take a nap on Christmas Day during that game.

This year should be funny and I expect the Pacers to win at least 48 games and finish as high as 2nd in Eastern Conference if they can stay healthy.