Reef’s 2017 NFL Prediction Records & Playoffs

The NFL season is almost upon us with teams reporting to training camps this week. I have went through the schedule each week and made my predictions for how each game will go and totaled the wins and losses and then below the standings…I have made my playoff predictions.  Yes, it was hard to have my Steelers take a loss (Spoiler Alert), but hard to get past that certain team at their place.  Enjoy and let’s debate !  I do think Seattle will be a team to deal with.  Minnesota is going to be a great time this year and will contend for the NFC North but with Jordy back, the Pack will continue to rule the NFC North.   I am low on the Jets (only due to currently having Geno Smith their QB and Fitzpatrick still a hold out on a contract).



AFC East NFC East
Patriots 13 3 Cowboys 12 4
Bills 10 6 Giants 8 8
Dolphins 7 9 Eagles 6 10
Jets 3 13 Redskins 2 14
AFC North W L NFC North
Steelers 12 4 W L
Bengals 10 6 Packers 13 3
Ravens 7 9 Vikings 12 4
Browns 4 12 Bears 9 7
Lions 6 10
AFC South W L NFC South W L
Colts 11 5 Panthers 14 2
Texans 9 7 Saints 11 5
Jaguars 6 10 Falcons 9 7
Titans 6 10 Buccaneers 4 12
AFC West W L NFC West W L
Chiefs 9 7 Seahawks 13 3
Raiders 6 10 Cardinals 11 5
Chargers 6 10 49ers 3 13
Broncos 3 13 Rams 2 14


1 Patriots 13–3 1 Panthers 14–2
2 Steelers 12–4 2 Seattle 13–3
3 Colts 11–5 3 Packers 13–3
4 Chiefs 9–7 4 Dallas 12–4
5 Bills 10–6 5 Vikings 12–4
6 Bengals 10–6 6 Cardinals 11–5
Saints 11–5
2017 # 1 Pick : Rams/ Redskins
Colts over Bengals Packers over Cardinals
Bills over Chiefs Dallas over Vikings
Patriots over Bills Panthers over Dallas
Steelers over Colts Seattle over Packers
Patroits over Steelers Seattle over Panthers
Super Bowl : Seattle over Patriots


Indianapolis Motor Speedway is desperate to get fans to race this Sunday.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway officials have to be licking their chops this weekend with the news that Jeff Gordon will be replacing Dale Jr. in the 88 car for the next two races.

Gordon being a 5 time champion of the Brickyard and just retiring last fall returning to the race that he loves.  Well, IMS will still need a miracle to get attendance to the race as in previous years.  Yes, with the news of Gordon coming back gained strong ticket sales in the past few days,  the Brickyard has always been a tough draw for fans and this record heat this weekend will not help.   This also is the farewell tour for Tony Stewart who is retiring at the end of the season.  This will not help gain butts in the seats either for IMS.

I’ve been to many Brickyard 400’s in the past and have seen some great races, but in the past 5 years or so its been merely follow the leader for 160 laps.   Goodyear had the tire fiasco one year where over 3/4 of race was ran on yellow flag laps.

IMS officials need to come up with something to get people to come see NASCAR in Indianapolis.  I do love that they come here every year, but its a shame to see a speedway such as Indianapolis not filled up for a premiere race such as the Brickyard 400.  I think that NASCAR needs to take the Xfinity race on Saturday and move that back to Indianapolis Raceway park for a short track Saturday night.   This was alot of fun and I and I’m sure many have enjoyed it at IRP.

No, the Brickyard 400 will never live up to the Indy 500 hype, but NASCAR and IMS officials need to go back to the drawing board whether it’s promotions, racing setups, things around the city driven around NASCAR and inject some NASCAR blood into the life of Indianapolis.

Pacers round out roster with Brooks ; and may not be done yet

With the Indian Pacers signing Aaron Brooks yesterday, the Indiana Pacers are likely done rounding out their roster and I don’t think they will tweak anything soon.   Do I think the Pacers are done ……Yes.    Do I think Larry Bird could make a move still that improves the team…..Yes.   It wouldn’t be a surprise to see Larry look to improve the team via trade.

I do like this Pacers roster and will be great to see how this team gels together.  Below is the breakdown for the Pacers going into the 2016-17 roster.

PG : Teague, Brooks, Young

SG: Ellis, Stuckey, Robinson III

SF: George, Miles, Evans, Niang

PF : T. Young, Allen, Christmas, Whittington

C: Turner, Jefferson

I am definitely looking forward to the season this year and see how the team can compete with the rest of the Eastern Conference.

Reef’s Way Too Early NBA Western Conference Rankings

Western Conference

  1. Golden State Warriors – Add Durant to a dominant team already. Clear cut #1 team in the West. Should easily get to NBA Finals in the West.
  2. San Antonio Spurs – Spurs will still be a top 3 team in the West this year and Pops will get this team to the postseason with role players.
  3.  LA Clippers – I think the Clippers have a great chance to rebound after injuries ended their season last year.  Clippers could go as high as 2 seed if they stay healthy.
  4. Portland Trail Blazers- Portland will have another good season and likely will match their 44 win total from year before.  Came on strong in the final couple months of the season.
  5.  Oklahoma City Thunder – After losing Durant, a huge void to fill even if Westbrook is still on the team.  Losing Imbaka as well but adding Oladipo will keep OKC middle of the road.  If they trade Westbrook..expect a drop out of the playoffs.
  6. Dallas Mavericks – Dallas will have a better season after the 42 wins last year.  Losing Parsons & adding Bogut & Harrison Barnes will keep them around the 44 win total.  Dirk is getting older but can stay be productive.
  7.  Houston Rockets- Houston finally got rid of Howard so they have to improve correct ? Only if James Harden decides to play defense as well which is unlikely.
  8.  New Orleans Pelicans- NOLA has to improve this year after a horrible 30 win season. I expect Anthony Davis to be back to normal and stay healthy.  They absolutely overpaid for Solomon Hill for 4 yrs $50+ million.
  9. Minnesota T-Wolves – The Wolves are my sleeper team for 2016-17.  They have a young but talented roster with Wiggins, Townes, LaVine, and old man Garnett being the experienced vetern.  I also like the add of coach Tom Thibbedeau as well.  Watch out for the T-Wolves !
  10. Memphis Grizzles- Resigning Conley for $158 million and adding Chandler Parson as well equaled half of their payroll for two players !  Don’t expect much with new head coach Fizdale.
  11. Utah Jazz- Jazz have kept Gordon Hayward and traded Trey Burke.  Jerry Sloan, Karl Malone & John Stockton are not walking through that door anytime soon.  Jazz will have less than their 40 wins last year.
  12. Denver Nuggets – Denver could easily move up to a 7 or 8 seed if they sign Dwyane Wade (just had a 2.5 hour meeting with him).  If no Wade, just another average season for Denver.
  13. Sacramento Kings – The train wreck of the Kings will continue next season. Rondo is gone but the head crazy Cousins is still here.  The front office is a joke and so will their season this year.
  14. Los Angeles Lakers – With Kobe gone, insert Brandon Ingram…..well not exactly.  Lakers will slowly rebuild and added a old Luol Deng to the roster.  Lakers have some young talent, but it will take time.
  15. Phoenix Suns – Phoenix will continue to have another rebuilding season.  Will finish in the cellar next year in the Western Conference.


Reef’s Way Too Early NBA Eastern Conference Rankings for Next Season

Eastern Conference

  1. Cleveland Cavaliers – With LBJ, Kyrie still on the team, they will still be on top of the Eastern Conference.
  2.  Toronto Raptors – They lose Bismack off the bench, but resigned DeRozan.  They will still be up there but have less than their 56 wins from last year.
  3.  Indiana Pacers- The Pacers were only 3 games back from 3 seed last year and finally gain a true point guard with Teague, a rebounder and scorer with Thaddeus and add in Jefferson…and possibly Stephenson returning.  I’m having Pacers as a 3 seed and possibly leaping to a 2 seed next year.
  4. Boston Celtics – Brad Stevens has taken this underrated team and had 48 wins and added Al Horford.  They will be a factor but less than the 48 wins from last year.
  5.  Miami Heat – Miami resigned Whiteside (and still waiting to hear on Wade) and lost Joe Johnson and Luol Deng, the Heat will still be a top 5 team in East with Whiteside, Bosh and possibly Wade. If Wade is gone, likely a 6-7 seed.
  6. Washington Wizards- Wiz get new coach Scott Brooks and resigned Beal and signed free agent Ian Mahamni to tighten up the middle.  Wall  & Beal will improve from their 41 win season a year ago.
  7. Atlanta Hawks – It is hard to figure out the Hawks who are in rebuilding mode.  They lost Teague and Horford and add the toxicity of Dwight Howard.  I think Atlanta will likely be between a 7-9 seed and slip from their performance from last year.
  8. New York Knicks – This has to be the year the Knicks makes it back to the playoffs.  They added Rose, Noah, Lee to roster which should improve from the dismal 32 wins last year.
  9.  Detroit Pistons – I think the Pistons will stay around the 42-43 win total next year as they were last year.
  10.  Charlotte Hornets – So you resign Batum to 5 yrs $120 mill and sign Roy Hibbert…it’s only downhill for the Hornets this year.  Will not be close to the 48 win total of last year.
  11.  Chicago Bulls – Lose Rose and Noah, and gain……….. Denzel Valentine & Rajon Rondo Bulls will have another low 40 win season.
  12.  Orlando Magic – New coach Frank Vogel loses Oladipo and gains Imbaka. Frank can’t be happy with losing their explosive player.  Growing season for Orlando.
  13. Milwaukee Bucks- I’m probably low on Milwaukee who has a talented squad but I think they will be in a log jam with NY, Detroit, Charlotte, and Chicago for anything from 8th to 13th.
  14. Brooklyn Nets- The only notable signing was paying too much for Heat’s Tyler Johnson…likely another sub 24 win season for Brooklyn.
  15. Philadelphia 76ers –The 76ers will improve with Simmons but not enough for the coach to keep his job and will improve with at least 18 wins this year.

Mutual Interest between Lance Stephenson & Pacers

TNT’s David Aldridge first broke that there is a mutual interest between Lance Stephenson and the Indiana Pacers.  This if true, would be the 4th time that Pacers & Stephenson’s name have been brought up in talks.  Things haven’t been the same for Lance since he left Indiana for Charlotte.  He’s been with 3 teams since leaving Indiana and it seems like the only normal, safe place for Lance is in Indianapolis.

I think this would be a great addition to bring him back and see what he has.  Sign him to a 1 year deal and see where he goes. Continue reading “Mutual Interest between Lance Stephenson & Pacers”

Durant Chooses Warriors ; Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

Well….the wait is over,  Kevin Durant has decided to join the Golden State Warriors.   Durant will sign a 2 year deal worth $54 million dollars with the 2nd year as a player option.

The Super Team Warriors just got stronger.  I hate this move by Durant.  Durant decided that the motto “If you cant beat them, join them” which is disgusting.  The man is chasing a title and was the main guy in OKC.  Now he is just a piece in a team that was already proven.

Any title that Durant wins Continue reading “Durant Chooses Warriors ; Can’t Beat Them, Join Them”

Thunder or Warriors….July 4th we find out from Durant

Not only is tomorrow a great American holiday with the 4 F’s ( friends, family, food and fireworks) but also fireworks for either the Thunder or Warriors when they find out where Kevin Durant has decided to play next year.

Durant fielded meetings all weekend in the Hamptons and late Sunday night ESPN’s Chris Broussard said that Durant will make his decision tomorrow and will likely be between the Warriors and the Thunder.  Where is the best fit for Durant ?

I personally feel that he should and will stay with the Thunder.  He can continue to play with Westbrook and now Oladipo.  The Thunder were on the brink of the NBA Finals leading 3-1 over the Warriors and I just don’t see Durant letting the fans and the city of Oklahoma City down and moving on…….at least for one more year.   I’m predicting Durant to sign a 1 year deal with option for 2nd year with the Thunder.  I think he will also see what Westbrook does after next year and if he bolts, the Durant will opt out and leave after next season.  I see this as a trial and wanted to see what it was all about.

Prediction : Durant stay with OKC and signs a 1 year deal with a player option for year 2.

Happy 4th of July and let’s see where he goes !

Early Recap of NBA Free Agency


NBA Free Agency has started and is all sorts of craziness.  Money is being thrown out to anyone and everyone.  Below is some of the highlights of the first couple days in free agency and my take of each signing.

Nicolas Batum (Hornets) 5 yrs $120 million –  Oh Boy, Charlotte way overpaid for a average NBA player.  That is the type of money to pay someone who draws fans to the arena and sells seats.  Batum is not that person.

Hassan Whiteside (Heat) 4 yrs $90 million – Good to see Miami keep Whiteside.  Much needed if things fall apart with D Wade.

Joakim Noah (Knicks) 4 yrs $70 million – There’s James Dolan for ya, overpaying for a guy who only played 1/4 of the season last year due to injury. (Also with trade for Derrick Rose…another injury prone player)

Dwight Howard (Atlanta) 3 yrs $70.5 million – The cancer has moved on to another team.  Good news for ATL, Dwight doesn’t stay long at one place and will want to leave in 3 years.

Luol Deng (Lakers) 4 yrs $72 million – It’s very obvious that Deng is looking for the $$$$$ instead of a championship.  Only reason he would leave Miami (possible contender) to the artist formerly known as the “Lakers”.

Joe Johnson (Jazz) 2 yrs $22 million – See Luol Deng above.

Solomon Hill (Pelicans)  Pacers had their chance last year to take the team option, instead Solo went out and got paid.  Well done Solo.  We had a good couple season with you.

Al Jefferson (Pacers) 3 yrs $30 million – Yes the Pacers are not getting the old scoring power threat of Jefferson, but this addition is great for the team for having a big man and also would be a go-to scorer on the 2nd unit when its time to slow the pace down.  Great pick up Larry.

Eric Gordon (Rockets) 4 yrs $53 million – EG was linked to several teams including the Pacers…for the money he got and those knees……I’m glad Indiana stayed away.

Al Horford (Celtics)  4 yrs $113 million – I called this one.  This was the place that Al needed to go to.  Under Brad Stevens and a young developing team, the Celtics will be in top 4 in Eastern Conference for years to come.  Now if the Horford signing will sway Kevin Durant !?

Timothy Mosgov (Lakers) 4 yrs $64 million – Lakers trying to make a splash at 12:01 am and instead a WTF.

It’s only been 2 days in Free Agency….let the madness continue.