Review of Pacers trading #20 pick for Thaddeus Young ; other NBA trades


On last Thursday afternoon while getting ready to tee off for the 2016 Beth Cup at Cog Hill Country Club, I received an alert that the Pacers have traded their #20 pick for Thaddeus Young.

I LOVE THIS TRADE.  Myself and my 3 friends riding up were talking about what a good addition Young would be if the Pacers got him and it actually happened.  I was even more happy after seeing what happened in the draft.   Continue reading “Review of Pacers trading #20 pick for Thaddeus Young ; other NBA trades”

Pacers acquire Jeff Teague from Hawks in 3-way trade

Feb 5, 2016; Atlanta, GA, USA; Indiana Pacers guard George Hill (3) defends Atlanta Hawks guard Jeff Teague (0) in the first quarter at Philips Arena. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
Feb 5, 2016; Atlanta, GA, USA; Indiana Pacers guard George Hill (3) defends Atlanta Hawks guard Jeff Teague (0) in the first quarter at Philips Arena. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this afternoon, Larry Bird made the first off-season move for Nate McMillian’s roster.  The Pacers traded George Hill to Utah Jazz and received Jeff Teague from Atlanta in a 3-way trade.  Utah traded the #12 pick in the draft tomorrow to Atlanta.

I really like this trade alot. Yes George Hill was well liked here and a local product, but overall Jeff Teague can run the offense and get to the basket on his own that George Hill couldn’t do.  George Hill had a great 5 seasons here with the Pacers but Hill was playing out of his position.  Indiana lacked a true point guard year after year and didn’t have a true point guard since they drafted Jamal Tinsley in 2001.

Larry Bird looked over Jeff Teague in 2009 and drafted Tyler Hansborough…. Continue reading “Pacers acquire Jeff Teague from Hawks in 3-way trade”

Lebron brings a title home to Cleveland


Lebron made a promise to the city of Cleveland upon his return in the Summer of 2014. Lebron promised to do everything he possibly could to bring a title back to Cleveland.   Mission Accomplished !

I am a huge Lebron James fan and supporter and I am happy that he finally has brought one to his hometown but also claiming his 3rd title overall.  There were so many doubters over the past year and all that did was fuel Lebron to prove the doubters wrong. Continue reading “Lebron brings a title home to Cleveland”

Kevin Durant – Indiana Pacers Rumors

Hello everyone, It’s been awhile since my last blog, but it has been crazy busy at work and a low sports period besides the NBA snoozefest Finals.

I came across a article today that there was a rumor that Paul George and Kevin Durant were talking on the phone for hours today and was trying to persuade Kevin Durant to join PG, Ellis and Turner.   Apparently, Paul told reporters recently “Why wouldn’t I try to get him to Indiana ?”.  
As much as I would love this idea and welcome KD to the Pacers,  I don’t really see a feasible way for the Pacers to contractully take in KD.  There would have to be a significant pay cut made by Durant to make this happen.   Yes, the  Pacers have the possible pieces to lure a star player here, BUT I honestly don’t see it happening.  Sorry Folks !   It’s fun to look into the scenarios and to be wishful but smart thinking is that the dream will go up in smoke.  Several Indianapolis people have actively recruited Kevin Durant on Twitter with #KevINDYrant hashtag.  Pat McAfee recently as well did his share of recruiting Durant.  He tweeted to Durant how it was to live as a professional athlete in Indianapolis.  
Let’s all wish and also jump aboard the Kevin Durant recruiting trail !     Can’t hurt ! 

Kevin Durant now eyes free agency

If Kevin Durant thought he was getting too many questions regarding his free agency during the Western Conference Finals, well Kevin it’s about to HEAT up now.  Kevin Durant becomes a unrestricted free agent on July 1st and will be available to wine and dine with any NBA team.

There are only about 9 true contenders that KD could sign with considering the salary cap and win potential.  The Thunder, Bulls, Spurs, Lakers, Clippers, Heat, Celtics, and Wizards.

  Below is from Yahoo Sports breaking down what Durant’s money would look like.

Durant’s contract options 
One-year deal then extension 
With OKC
2016-17: $25.8 million 
With OKC                               With another team
2017-18: $35.7 million            $35.7 million
2018-19: $38.4 million            $37.7 million
2019-20: $41.1 million            $38.9 million
2020-21: $43.8 million            $40.6 million
2021-22: $46.5 million
Totals: $205.7 million              $152.7 million


Immediate long-term deal 
With OKC                                 With another team
2016-17: $25.8 million              $25.8 million
2017-18: $27.8 million              $27.0 million
2018-19: $29.7 million              $28.2 million
2019-20: $31.7 million              $29.4 million
2020-21: $33.6 million
Totals: $148.8 million                $110.5 million

It’s very possibly and my opinion that Durant resigns for a one year deal with a option for year 2.  This would pair him up with teammate Russell Westbrook when they then would both bolt out of OKC leaving them in ruins.

It’s hard to read KD and what he really wants to do.  Will he go back to Washington DC where he is from and join the Wizards ?  Will he go and take the $$ and join Carmelo in NYC ?  Will be go to Chicago and beat down my Pacers 4 times a year ?? If somehow he signs with the Spurs or Warriors….as much as it would look like a super team, I don’t see him fitting into “their system”.  KD is a star and wants the ball in key situations and you could see throughout these playoffs that there was key times where he wanted the ball late, but Westbrook kept it himself.

My Prediction :  Kevin Durant signs a $25 million dollar 1 year deal w/an option for Year 2 to stay with Oklahoma City.  After that 1 year deal, I see KD signing long term with the Boston Celtics.  A close 2nd place would be his hometown Washington Wizards.  Beantown, start preparing for Kevin Durant in a couple years.